Saturday, September 24, 2011


Ok, this photo has nothing to do with cyclocross but is actually a picture of my neighbor Mickey who seems to have super lungs. Yes, I believe the rule Vizzini forgot to mention during the discussion over iocane powder was, "Never get involved in a conversation with Mickey when participating in a cardio intense sport."

Back to the photo. It falls somewhere between environmental portraiture and a straight up candid. Mickey was running behind and my buddies Chris, Nick and myself were waiting for him at Green Mountain to go for a bike ride. When he pulled into the parking lot and opened his door I snapped this photo. I love the expression on his face of, "Ok, there's a camera in my face. Should I smile or just keep doing what I'm doing?" I got the photo right at the moment where he hadn't decided yet.

So, where does cyclocross come in? Mickey joined a cyclocross team and I plan on doing a series of cyclocross photos this fall. I'm sure some of the photos will make it to the blog so stay tuned.