Saturday, July 2, 2011

Khammany at Staminee De Garre

In Brugge there is a tiny alley way that leads to one of the greatest bars in the world. I was told about it by my good friend, and fellow lover of all things coming from fermented malted barley, Chris Vejnovich. If you have the chance to stop in (which I made sure we did every night we were there) be sure to have the house Tripel.

One afternoon after being caught in the rain, I captured this photo of Khammany in the alley way leading to the bar. It is a great example of how candid shots can make the best portraits.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Black & White or Color

This is where I begin to sometimes have trouble. Back in the days of film, you shot either color or black & white. You had to remember what type of film you had loaded and attempt to see through the viewfinder in either color or monochrome. In 2011, I try to have an idea of what I want the image to look like before I shoot, but ultimately I get to pick in the processing stage of the photo.

I really like this photo, shot in downtown Denver, because of the true contrast in tones and the contrast of the tiny, nimble Porsche and the massive, sluggish eighteen wheeler. The only problem is I really can't decide between the monochrome and the color image.