Friday, September 9, 2011

Thursday, September 8, 2011


     Technically speaking, neither of these photos are great in my opinion but there is one thing about them I find very interesting and that is the difference in color tone in the exposure. I was walking up 6th Ave at 50th St and as I looked up, Radio City Music Hall looked very monochrome. For a place that is usually very colorful, I found it eerily creepy like I was in an Alfred Hitchcock movie. This is where I snapped the first picture.
     When I made it up to 51st St, I turned back around and snapped the second picture which turned out to be extremely colorful for being taken in a rainstorm. The time between these two photos was about one minute. The only adjustments made post production was a very slight adjustment in contrast and a slight adjustment in exposure.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


This shot was taken while coming back from The Bedford in Brooklyn. We transferred from the L to the 6 but then something went terribly wrong. While trying to get back to the 33rd St. Station the train started going back the other way. Apparently, not all of the trains continue straight on late at night. While "sweating like sardines in a flop house fraternity" waiting for the 6 train going uptown I was able to snap this photo. Typical, "I'm tired, where the fuck is the train?" type of picture. All this while I'm three sheets to the wind.

Monday, September 5, 2011

NYC Post I

Ahhhh....I love this city, especially when it comes to street shooting. I bought my first SLR (yes young people, there was no "D") about a year before my first trip to NYC. It was quite an experience walking around the city setting up a tripod and trying to capture long exposures of traffic lights. Since then, I'd like to think I have learned a lot, so here I am back with camera in hand.

The great thing about NYC is the fact that half the time when you shoot people, it is so busy that the subjects usually don't notice they are being photographed. When they do catch you, they hardly seem to care. It is one thing that I miss about living in a big city. Try standing ten feet in front of a stranger and taking a picture of them in Denver. First of all, they will notice you. Second, they probably won't be happy about it. It makes shooting here much more pleasurable.

Here are a few images I shot in my first 24 hours here. More to follow, I'm sure.